Sunday, March 29, 2015

The second line

We got it.  That second line.

Let me back up a bit.

For 14 months, I have daydreamed about how I would tell my husband I was pregnant.  I watched cute little videos, I heard some really great ideas.  But once you are under the care of an RE, things get...different.  A little less story book.  Pregnancy tests are now blood draws at the office, with a call later that day with either good news, or more likely, a sad nurse on the line saying sorry (seriously, those phone calls must almost be as terrible to make as they are to receive).  But those who know me know I am notoriously impatient.  So on the morning of the blood test, while my husband was still sleeping, I got up to get ready for the blood test.  And by get ready, I mean I took an at home pregnancy test.  So when it came down to it, my "cute announcement" was me screaming from the bathroom, "that's a line! I think that's a line!!" and my poor husband half awake wondering what the hell I am yelling about.

But he sees the line too.  And I take another test, and I'm up to 4 lines now.  And then I get a happy nurse on the other end of the line for a change and's real.  I am pregnant.  

Because I am under the care of an RE, I go for LOTS of blood tests and ultrasounds, and we watch all my numbers look so, so lovely.

At Christmas, I am 5 weeks along.  It's very early, but I've had all these tests, and's Christmas.  Not to mention that every one who knows me also knows I like a cocktail (cocktails), so keeping a ruse of not really drinking in front of people is becoming a full time job.  So, we announce to our (close) family.  And everyone is so, so happy.  And I finally feel like our future has begun.

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