Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The bump

Anyone who knows me knows I am equal parts highly organized and totally scatter brained.  It seems like an oxymoron, but trust me that it's possible to be both, depending on the situation.  For example, I have a spreadsheet in which I track all my expenses.  I can tell you where every dime I have spent since 2004 has gone.  And yet, I still managed to pay the umbrella insurance bill late this month. Oopsie!

I had no idea how I would be pregnant - would I turn into one of those women who faithfully takes a cute photo of her growing bump while holding a perfectly painted sign indicating what week she was?  Would I be really clever and manage to wear the same outfit each time for maximum comparison purposes?

No.  The answer is a resounding no.  This gives me hope that I also won't be one of those moms who completely drives her Facebook friends crazy with a kid update every 5 seconds (but no promises friends!).

What I have done is taken completely random selfies, which is sort of odd because I do so hate selfies.  But I needed the photos - partly because a lot of people told me I'll want them later, and partly because I share them with the ladies on the message boards I am on.  In fact, I actually "host" the weekly thread to solicit bump photos.  I never miss a week of hosting (there's the organized part), but I often miss actually participating myself (and the scatter brain part).  

In any case, there has been a ton of weeks where I have participated, and this post is now my attempt to go back and dig up all those photos and put them in order (scatter brain turns organized!).  If for nothing else, then for myself to look back on so I can laugh at how huge I thought I was at week 20, and to also laugh about how huge I actually was at week 40.  

So here we go:

18 weeks:

20 weeks:

21 weeks:

23 weeks:

 26 weeks:

 27 weeks:

 28 weeks:

29 weeks:

30 weeks:

31 weeks:

32 weeks:

33 weeks:

35 weeks:

38 weeks:

40 weeks: