Sunday, March 29, 2015

Still not over

At this point, I am now under the care of an OBGYN who is a part of my RE's office. She explains that I will bleed for a couple of weeks after the D&E, and then it's a waiting game until my next cycle starts, which can be anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks (although I later heard from women who had to wait much longer).

I am lucky as I only have to wait 32 days.  I take this as a sign.  "It's DAY ONE!" I shout in my house (as that day of the cycle is often referred to).  I march myself into the RE and ask if we can start trying again.  I am told it's early, but that she will do what's called a saline infusion sonohysterography (SIS) to make sure everything looks good. I am told by several nurses that the SIS is not nearly as bad as the HSG.  

They are all dirty, rotten liars.  

So I find myself lying on a table, tube and ultrasound in me, in what is quite frankly an unsettling amount of pain, and all I see are the doctors pointing at the ultrasound screen with puzzled looks, and there is an alarming amount of whispering going on.  I proceed to panic.  My wonderful husband had thankfully insisted on coming with me and he knows me well enough to tell the doctors, "you have to tell her what's going on, she's freaking out because she's probably thinking of the worst case scenario" - which of course I was.  So they finally clue me in by showing me the screen and explaining that I've got a whole ton of tissue I really shouldn't have at this point.  The plan?  To get it out.  Right there.  No pain killers besides some Advil in me.   I damn near kicked the OBGYN in the face.  But the real kicker (see what I did there?) is that despite taking some out, I am not healthy enough to try again.  So we count down 28 more days until.....

Another SIS.  

I'll be quick this time: it looked even worse than the first one.  I'm now also rocking a decent sized polyp, and there's no way around it:  headed back to surgery to I go.  

And so we cross off yet another precious cycle.  But at this point, surgery (with anesthesia) is a much nicer prospect than another SIS!

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